Hi. I’m Luisa Mauaccad! That’s right, I’m not Alice… but I really, truly like desserts. This is the name of a thesis film I did a long time ago when I was graduating from UCLA. It meant the world to me, so I decided to stick with it!

I was having a really hard time writing this so I took a break to watch a movie. Then I Shazam(ed) a song. Then I Shazam(ed) another song. Then I decided to IMDB the music supervisor. Then I researched all his work. Then I found a new band. Then I went through all their albums. Then I found a new awesome song that will pair perfectly with the video that I’m currently editing. Well, that explains a lot about me ‘cause it’s actually what I do 24/7. I love music, I love videos, I love films, and weaving them together in my brain is my all-time favorite thing to do!

Even though I truly enjoyed all my experiences in the film industry (I got to work with Johnny Depp, OMG!) I like to get my hands on the entire process, from creating a concept to color grading. I always crew up with some very, very talented people but regardless of the topic – be it a wedding, a band performance or some crazy idea you might have in mind, you can rest assured that I will develop a healthy obsession with it (well, not that healthy given that my back is always killing me, but don’t worry, I’ll charge you for that :))

When I’m not shooting, or hunting new soundtracks, or editing, or watching films (I’m also a member of the jury of the Miami Independent Film Festival, which means: I can call watching films “work” YAY!), I am squeezing Charlinho (that little guy in the picture) for obvious reasons. Enough about me in this territory, I would love to hear what you are looking for! Drop me an email so we can chat. I’m currently based in São Paulo, but I can (and would love) to travel anywhere.